From Grape to Glass

Knowing what the markets want and need is paramount and, therefore, we go out carefully selecting, sourcing and crafting with our producer-partners who bring real novelty, point of difference, diversity. And, of course, our product emphasis is also drawn by true Value for Money at all levels, from trendy and reputable wine regions, providing the end consumer with a unique selection of attractive and different wines, adapted to each market and distribution channels within.

Whilst listening to what our customers expect, our flexible approach also means we will adapt our offering when needed to suit any actual specific requirement and “build” the wine with them!

We are not there to just bring yet another known or so-called popular wine, region or grape.  No, there is far more difference out in the field – and often far better value – than consumers imagine, but until they get the chance to discover it, they won’t know! And we will continue to investigate potential other regions or even countries when it makes commercial sense to do so!